5 Reasons For The Average Person Not To Use Internet Explorer


I’ve seen hundreds of articles stating why you should stop using Internet Explorer as your web browser and use something better. The one thing they’re missing is, the average person doesn’t care, or even know what a browser is for that matter. This list is for the non-geek.

First let’s start with, what’s a browser? This is the program that let’s you surf the internet. By default, if you own a Windows OS based computer, you’re probably using IE (Internet Explorer). You click the little IE icon and magically the interwebs appear on screen. But what you don’t realize is, you’re missing a much richer experience on the web and more by using IE. Most people don’t know they have choices in browsers. Here a few reasons to download a different browser and kick IE to the curb.

  • 1. Microsoft Monopoly – I’ll get on my soap box for a moment and say, why support a company trying to dictate how the internet is constructed and used. The internet should be open to everyone. Microsoft should not be the one to control the internet. Most people can agree monopolies are bad, so why support one of the biggest in the technology field.

  • 2. Security – There are a plethora of viruses on the internet waiting to take over your computer and millions of malwares that want to steal your personal information. You can go get an anti-virus program which could protect our computer from any virus. But then you have internet explorer which acts like a gateway to all the spywares and malwares and basically makes your anti-virus software useless. IE makes infecting your computer relatively easy through two features called ActiveX and Active Scripting. These technologies were designed specifically for the purpose of giving websites more control over a your computer. But obviously, this can be bad.

  • 3. Missing Out – Internet Explorer doesn’t work with web standards. What this means to you is you’re not getting the experience the web designer intended you to have. IE can butcher the design of a website. The way you view a site through IE could be very different on another browser. The site could not look as nice, be missing features, or not even work right. You would never know what you’re missing by using IE.

  • 4. Bugs! – IE is known for making your computer crash. Nothing is more frustrating than when looking at something or working on a project your computer crashes and you lose everything you were doing. Other browsers don’t do this, at least as much.

  • 5. Freedom – Other , better, web browsers are free! it’s usually 1 or 2 clicks and you have a new improved browser. It won’t cost you a penny to upgrade to something better. Other browsers out there are more secure, cleaner running, faster, and present sites the way they were intended.

I realize in some corporate situations you may not have an option. The network applications may require IE6 or the IT department may not allow you to install anything to your computer. Not much we can do there other than hope they eventually update their system for the 21st century. To those at home though, you really really really, did I mention really, should switch from Internet Explorer to something else. Don’t be scared, you’ll still have IE on your computer (Microsoft makes it hard to get rid of), so if you don’t like enjoying a free open source web, you can go back anytime.

But you should at least download and try one of these- Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

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